Donut Dollie Pics
Courtesy of Sharon Cummings/DD for "Docs" DD website

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The group of girls in our training class that went to Korea (our class had girls going to Korea and Vietnam)
Barbara-Penny-Susan-Carol-Lynn - April 1966

Jessica/Alice - Saigon 1966

ARC-Center-at-Cam-Ranh Bay - May 1966
Our Red Cross Recreation Center (and office)

Jody Arhold October 1966 Cam Ranh Bay  Decorating for our carnival at the recreation center

Alice fixing the chips May 1966 Cam Ranh Bay  Getting ready for our carnival at the recreation center

May 1966 Cam Ranh Bay  Kathy at the ARC rec center

Bobbi/Sarah Getting ready for the Luau we held at the recreation center

Sandpipers October 1966 Cam Ranh Bay
As one of our programs, I formed a group comprised of Donut Dollies and
soldiers who performed multiple hootenannies for the troops

October 1966 Cam Ranh Bay  Sara and Sharon (members of our Sandpiper group) performing at our recreation center

Waiting for our bus_Ruth-Sandy-Kitty-Shelly December 1966 II Field Forces, Long Binh Vietnam
Waiting for our bus to take us back to our billet in Bien Hoa after working the day out of Long Binh

Shelly Stimson December 1966 Xuan Loc Vietnam
A quiet moment on our helicopter ride to Xuan Loc for a day of programming

Lindsey-field serving-ammo dump December 1966 II Field Forces, Long Binh Vietnam
Serving kool aid to the troops out at the ammunition dump

Cherrie Greenwood January 1967 II Field Forces, Long Binh Vietnam
Our office at the IIFF recreation center

Patty and Sharon at Gia Ria February 1967
Photo taken of us girls while programming at Gia Ria

TayNinh 25th DivMarch 1967
Marion Tay Ninh (forward location of the 25th Infantry Division)

Chris Campbell on a break March 1967 Tay Ninh Vietnam
Chris taking a “break” before we head out to do some more programming

Miss Sharon Vander Ven, Red Cross worker from Redlands, California, receives
an honorary membership certificate prior to her departure for the United States from
Major General John C.F. Tillson III, 25th Infantry Division commander.
Looking on are Red Cross workers Marion Gibbs (left) and Chris Campbell.

Jessica Hunter SRAO Director April 1967 Saigon
Doing my final good-byes in Saigon before coming back to the States

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